Music Review: “Qdot’s – Apala New Skool” – A Mega Hit OR Just An Average Song?

Hi Everyone, Guess the week is going excellently down there? Here is jerryodaprefect Music Review for “Qdot – Apala New Skool

We want you all to share your view and tell us what you think about the new song.


What Qdot did with Old western Apala tune on this song is nothing but creative and mind-blowing.

The Yorubad boy himself has once again proven himself to be an original Ibile to the fullest by redefining Apala tune with new school Pop sound.

Lyrically, It’s amazing how he murdered the Apala beat with clever but funny lyrics that everyone can relate with. At least, it was on the song that we got to know that Banana Island was once a Banana Plantation Farm – “Igbo Ogede lo di banana island” Lol!! 😀 😀

Overall, We rate this song 8.5/10.

What do you think about this song? – A hit or a miss for you?


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